El Tigre - Papalote (García #7) Batch A

El Tigre - Papalote (García

El Tigre - Papalote (García #7) Batch A

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Genio García oven #5 roasted 140 wild papalote heads harvested from the iron-rich red clay of Tiger Hill where Tio Genio hunts for his ripe maguey during the dry season. The papalote maguey matures on average in ten to twelve years and is castrated by cutting its thick trunk 9 months before harvest as is dictated by tradition to ensure sugar-laden heads that will become the sweetly complex flavors that characterize the spirits made for and by the community.

El Tigre

Damian and Raquel, the founders of El Tigre, officially started the project in 2011, but the roots date back to the early 2000s, when Damian's tío Chimino, an accomplished magueyero (agave farmer) first introduced him to the Patricio García family, and Damian, who had grown up in Mexico City and Detroit, began developing a greater interest in the culture of his family’s ancestral home in Atempa-Xulchuchio.

Since then, the couple have hosted mezcal tastings in their home in Mexico City as way of spreading Atempa’s culture of mezcal, while using the proceeds to help support and preserve the web of agricultural and artisan communities that all play important parts in Atempa’s traditional social, religious and economic systems.

Familia Patricio García

Tío Chuchi, 77, and his wife Tía Victoria, 75, have made agave spirits in the same chivita (distillery) since getting married 50+ years ago. Before that, it was shared by their fathers and which their father’s shared before that, and Chuchi’s grandfather before that. While most of the couple’s seven children have left Atempa for more lucrative work in the North, the couple continues to endure the physical work of roasting and mashing agave, and the long sleepless nights while distilling.


Distilling Season(s): March to June (dry season)
Woods used in Oven: Tepehuaje
Agaves used: Papalote, Zacamexcal
Oven Size: Apron. 120 heads (piñas)
Cook Time: 7 days
Rest Between Oven and Mill: 1-2 days
Mill Type: Wooden mallet in wooden canoa
Fermentation vessel: plastic
Water Source: Spring
Fermentation Time: 3-5 days
Still Type: filipino, steel/clay coxcomite
Number of stills: 1
Distillations: 2




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