Tepanal - Ensamble (Cuche & Arroqueño)

Tepanal - Ensamble (Cuche & Arroqueño)
Tepanal - Ensamble (Cuche & Arroqueño)

Tepanal - Ensamble (Cuche & Arroqueño)

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Agave Convallis, commonly found throughout southern Puebla and Oaxaca. Wildly foamy. It lives among the rocky slopes of the mountains along with oaks, junipers and pines. In Santa Maria Sola de Vega this agave is known as Maguey “Cuche” because of its indomitable nature. The saponin in its body makes it difficult to work with due to the amount of foam it produces during the fermentation and distillation process.
In this small batch of only 70 liters, the Maestro Palenquero Rafael García, delights us with this delicious distillate. Ensemble of wild Maguey Cuche (Agave Convallis) and a big Mata of cultivated Maguey Arroqueño (Agave Americana) that he used because he only had one that was ripe and at the same time enriched his Spirit in aroma and flavor, since Arroqueño is one of his favorites.  "Cuche" in Sola de Vega refers to a pig or sarcastically refers to person that drinks lots of mezcal In other regions is known as Jabalí or Jabalin.

● Ensamble: Cuche (90% A. Convallis) & Arroqueño (10% A. Americana)
● Master distiller: Rafael García Aragon
● Village: Santa María Sola de Vega, Oaxaca
● Roasting: Three days in conical underground oven
● Mill: Crush in a Hood Canoe with wood mallets
● Fermentation: Vats made from Montezuma Cypress wood
● Yeast: naturally present in the air, ground, water, and fermenting canoe’s
● Water: natural spring
● Distillation: Double distillations using clay pots and slow-cooking fire
● Distillation date: Month of October 2023
● Lot: ENS001
● Liters: 70
● Bottles: 90
● ABV: 53%


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